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Personal cybersecurity is now a company problem.

  • Individuals are at the highest risk of attacks.
  • Teams working remotely or with personal devices.
  • Your sensitive data Is on personal smartphone and home computers.
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Personal Security is Employee Wellness

Your company's group membership turns security awareness and protection from something your team hates to something they love.

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    Flexible Privacy
    for employees

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    Replaces ID Theft

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    US Based

What We Do

  • Advanced Security Software
  • Cyber Coverages
  • 24/7 Active Monitoring
    and Response
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How to Get Started

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    Simple sign up

    Choose your plan and register the devices you want us to monitor and protect.

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    Personalized Onboarding

    Jump on a live zoom call with one of our team members and customize our service to meet your security needs.

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    Easy install sign up

    In as little as 15 minutes, we'll install the software to run in the background on all of the devices you choose.

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    Complete peace of mind

    Rest easy knowing our scout team will monitor threats, respond to issues, and provide support 24/7.