By Agency Team / Aug. 8, 2020, 6:11 p.m.

Why We Started Agency

Hello World.
Welcome to Agency’s Blog. I want to thank everyone for the support we have received. We are excited to share what we’re working on and passionate about building something that will truly help protect people.

For our first post, we wanted to share some thoughts on the principle issues behind the problem we are solving and on the foundation of our solution.

Cybersecurity for individuals is a huge problem- it’s different from security for companies. Over the years the threat landscape has grown exponentially because of the number of devices and the interconnected applications we all use every day. Attacks can come from just about anywhere: criminal hackers trying to steal your bank account information, nation states spying on your data, or even just a jealous person attempting to humiliate you.

The software and strategies to manage those risks have evolved too. Conceptual solutions such as zero trust networks and automated threat detection AIs are now available, but they only exist in the toolbox of large enterprise organizations. Solutions for individuals haven’t kept up. There are many reasons for this but, the main few are that it’s too costly and complicated for an individual to set up and run, most people lack the technical knowledge or discipline to implement them, the threats can’t be mitigated with software alone, and that it’s cheaper for companies because they can distribute the cost of security across all their devices. A simple antivirus software won’t protect you from phishing attacks, physical tampering with your device, or mobile apps that are stealing data. It takes more than any one software made by a single company to get complete protection.

Our Solution:
Agency brings individuals and families access to the absolute best in class cybersecurity solutions that are executed and managed around the clock by professionals. All at an affordable price. We are talking about completely managed cyber security across all devices and proactive threat hunting. Effectively you can think of us as ADT for cybersecurity- we are your family’s personal chief security officer.

There are great cybersecurity applications already out there, but most are just good at one particular thing. They’re great at signature-based security (virus scanning) but don’t give you comprehensive network-based protection, or they don’t work on your phone at the same level as on your laptop. We knew early on that we shouldn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to things that other software companies already do well, so on top of our own technology we licensed world-class enterprise applications do those things for our members. Our ultimate goal is giving our customers the absolute best.

Finally, we know the importance of the human touch. Not everything can be solved by an app. To truly have the level of protection we know our customers need, the cornerstone of Agency is live, around-the-clock monitoring. If something happens, our dedicated team will be there to guide you on to fix the issue. With Agency you’ll never face threats alone.

No matter if you’re a social media creator worried about your accounts getting hacked or a professional handling sensitive data on your personal devices, we all value our privacy and security. The effects of an attack can be devastating both financially and mentally, and Agency wants to be there to protect you.

Soon we’ll release more information about our product offering. We are hard at work perfecting our service. Agency is currently only available by invitation, we can’t wait have you try it so please visit to get on our waitlist.

-The Agency Team

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