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Can Antivirus Stop Hackers

TLDR: Antivirus won’t stop hackers. Check out Agency to get complete protection on all your devices.

In today’s world, where there is internet accessible from every corner of the planet, the hacker network also keeps improving and spreading. We often keep hearing about hackers and hacking, but we fail to understand what it really is. Hacking means any activity that involves compromising digital devices, like computers, tablets, or smartphones. That could be actions that limit your ability to use your device or more aggressive crimes that steal your money or data.

Using a set of commands and codes, they can break into your device and get access to all the data and personal information. They do this with the help of a few malware like worms, viruses, and trojans to get access to your computer system. The real question is, how do we stop it? In this article, you will understand everything you need to know about antivirus and hackers.

Antivirus Software
Antivirus serves one primary purpose. The antivirus protects your computer system from harmful code or programs that run locally, often called viruses or malware. Worms, computer viruses, botnets, spyware are collectively called malware. Antivirus is referred to as signature-based security because it effectively is a search tool that looks for ‘signatures’ of known malware on your device and then removes them.

Antivirus software has three primary purposes. They are:
  • Scan your computer system and detect any malware
  • Inform you about potential malware activities
  • Remove malware and viruses from your computer system.

Working of an Antivirus Software
There are different types of antivirus software that provide various scanning features and scanning filters, but the three most common and prominent scanning filters are:

Instant Scanning:
In this scanning feature, the antivirus software instantly and automatically scans your computer systems like your device files, USB plugins, and so on.

Automated Scanning:
In this scanning feature, the antivirus software will check your entire computer system every day based on performance daily and notify you about your device. This scanning feature is also called a programmed scanner.

Manual Scanning:
In this scanning feature, the antivirus software will scan one file at a time and will do it only when necessary on your command.
Antivirus software has various functions that depend on software to software. Here are a few standard tasks that are common for all software.
  • Scanning malware, detecting them and removing malware
  • Initiate scans for external devices like USB
  • Scheduled scanned and notifying about the virus detected
  • Run daily security check on the device
  • Report about daily security checks and estimating how protected the software is.

Stopping Hackers From Accessing the Device
Even after spending huge amounts of money on antivirus software, we often have one question in mind; Can antivirus Stop hackers? A straight answer to this question can be somties. It is essential to know that all hackers do not use malware, viruses, and trojans. The antivirus can detect only malware. So antivirus can stop hackers that depend on malware, virus, and trojans for hacking. In fact most attacks today happen on the network layer or through the web.
If the hacker uses a totally different and new type of virus, your antivirus software will not detect the virus. It is essential to understand that no antivirus software is 100% hack-proof, but they can help you reduce the threats.
To properly and completely secure your device, antivirus software is not enough. For that, you need antivirus software, proxy, firewall, encryption software, data loss prevention software, and a backup solution.

What Does Antivirus Fail to Detect?
Antivirus software fails to detect the latest viruses and second-generation malware. Not only this, but antivirus software detects only 45% of viruses. Second-generation malware is difficult to detect because malware runs independently in the operating system and executes its harmful codes even before the windows start or load. The malware begins initiating its harmful code as soon as the user pushes the power button. This is the reason the strain of malware virus is difficult to detect.

The presence of any virus in your computer system can slow down your computer system immensely and can also damage your data forever. Antivirus software is the best way to keep your personal data safe from hackers. But we also understand that antivirus software is not the only way to protect your computer systems.

All antivirus are not the same, and each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The best way to stay protected is to have antivirus software and also to update your computer system from time to time.

So can antivirus stop hackers? The straight answer is now. You will need a more robust security solution to protect your computers and devices truly. Agency is a better solution than antivirus alone to stop hackers.

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